Craftsman Brewing Company

1260 Lincoln Avenue, Unit 100   Pasadena, California   91103


September 1, 2002


The Craftsman Brewing Company, the smallest microbrewery in Southern California, is proud to announce that it has won six medals in the 2002 Los Angeles County Fair Commercial Beer Competition. Craftsman led the competition in total awards won by a single brewery.

Brewmaster Mark Jilg received five gold ribbons representing five first place wins, and a silver ribbon representing one second place win in six different style categories of the competition. 

First Place:    Scotch Isle Ale - Scottish Strong/Old Ale category

Heavenly Hefe - Bavarian Weizen/Wheat Beer category

Orange Grove Ale - Fruit Beer category

Triple White Sage - Spice/Herb Beer category

Rye Pale Ale - Experimental/Historical Beer category


Second Place: Smoked Black Lager - Smoked Flavored Beer category

Jilg said, “I’m overjoyed with the results of the competition. Winning this many awards in a statewide competition with over 120 entries is a great indicator of the quality and craftsmanship of the flavorful beers offered by Craftsman. It is a real honor to be recognized by my peers in the brewing industry this way.”

The public is invited to taste samples of Craftsman’s beers at the Los Angeles County Fair Commercial Beer Tasting Booth sponsored by the competition organizers. Hours are from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, September 13th through September 29th.

Craftsman Brewing Company is the brewer of Orange Grove Ale, Triple White Sage, Poppy Fields Pale Ale and Craftsman IPA draft beers. Craftsman was founded in 1995 in Pasadena, California, and produces approximately 450 barrels of beer per year.

For more information, contact Mark Jilg at 626-296-ALES (2537)